Documentation Center of the Battle of the Trasimeno and Hannibal “Giancarlo Susini”

After more than 2,235 years, the events of the Battle of Trasimeno revive in the rooms of the museum, where it will be possible to discover the historical events and the territory to which they are linked.

Thanks to educational exhibits composed of both texts, infographics as well as interactive multimedia, visitors are invited to take part in the story; an experience that becomes more and more engaging in the 4D room where the Battle is revived with 3D graphic and multi-sensory effects.

The Museum presents the most interesting news about the state of the art of the battle of Trasimeno studies, both on the historical-archaeological, geological and geographic level, taking advantage from advanced methodological tools and multimedia applications.

Specifically, you can find details about the archaeological map of the northeastern area of ​​Trasimeno, along with the main theories about the epic battle, as well as about the great battles of the Second Punic War.

Exhibition is housed in a wing of “Palazzo del Capra” where, between 1959 and 1960, Professor Giancarlo Susini began his modern studies about the Battle of Trasimeno.

The palace, whose gardens overlook the plain that was the scene of the battle and which was the home of Count Teodorico Moretti Costanzi (professor of Theoretical Philosophy at the University of Bologna), hosts the Museum of Annibale al Trasimeno – Center of documentation: an educational apparatus that, with interactive multimedia stations, reconstructs the historical events and the territory to which they are linked.

Opening schedule: 2019 Opening Schedule

If you would like to enter the museum in other dates or time, booking is required.

Tickets and reservations

Prices are the following:

  • Standard € 5.00
  • Reduced € 3.00

Reduced price applies to children under 14 and to groups of more than 15 people.

Access is free for residents in the Municipality of Tuoro sul Trasimeno and for guides, including teachers accompanying school groups.

Optional services (in detail: guided Annibalic track, screening of the film “Annibale al Trasimeno”, exhibition of two legionnaires in costume) and on demand openings prices must be agreed upon by contacting the museum in the following ways:

Telephone: +39 377 545 33 93

Email: annibale.tuoro@gmail.com